In Roman-occupied Cambria, a powerful druid does all he can to undermine Roman authority and influence the future.


He claims a young girl as novice because she has the Sight, but her sight opens into the past and she wonders how she can be of help to him. When the answer comes, it is not what she expected.

In 2033, governments worldwide are bankrupt. There is no unemployment insurance, no social services or welfare, no pensions, and no health care subsidy. Unemployment sits at close to 60 percent, and those with jobs are the new elite.


Sheila Davenport owns a successful employment agency. When other agencies begin to go out of business, she attributes it to their inability to compete. Then she hears a hellish rumour: Sign with Davenport: they’ll find you a job even if they have to kill someone.


Other agency owners are murdered and the Davenport Agency comes under police scrutiny. Sheila investigates and uncovers a sinister plot.

For several years, I wrote non-fiction articles published in Canadian and American magazines but my heart was in storytelling.


Hi, I’m Pam Crompton. I grew up on the outskirts of a small village in Welsh farming country. When I was a little girl we had no television, and radio was limited to the news and music. For entertainment, people gathered around the fire to tell stories or talk about something that happened as they had from time immemorial. If I stayed very quiet, my mother would forget I wasn’t in bed and I could listen to the adults talk. Many of those stories stayed in my mind and eventually I included some in my collection Land of My Fathers.


Not all the talk was about people we knew, a lot involved folklore and history. I doubt there are many Welsh people who are not curious about and proud of their Celtic ancestry and intrigued by Merlin. At school, history proved my best subject; I found it fascinating. When I left school, we moved to Carmarthen, a Welsh town named after Merlin. History surrounded me and I continued to study. I used some of this knowledge for my novel The Last Druid.


Although I set The Agency in Calgary, upcoming novels are set in Wales or England. Those countries offer themselves as better settings to the stories I write than the wide-open spaces of Canada.


Witch Bay is a mystery set in Wales. My most recent release is Masquerade, a time-travel mystery set in London.


I hope you enjoy your visit to my site.


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A collection of interrelated stories set in a Welsh valley during the 1930s and 40s.


Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, a glimpse of life as it may have been then.


Some stories are based on true events.

In a coastal village in Wales, someone is committing the perfect crime: people are disappearing without a trace. An elderly woman is the most recent disappearance. A day later, police find her body washed up on the beach. Senior officers record it as death by misadventure, but Village Constable Gwyn Thomas is certain her death and the other disappearances are connected.


Police suspicion is inevitable, but as with many crimes, an unintended consequence follows. This time the consequence has a name—Bethan, the dead woman’s niece. When she arrives from London to claim her inheritance, she refuses to accept her aunt’s death was accidental. Bethan begins hunting down and questioning village residents who might have information.


As the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place, suddenly the tables are turned. She discovers she is no longer the hunter—she is the prey.



Roz Reid is looking for love in the wrong century. Disenchanted with the men she meets in this century, costume designer Roz discovers a gateway back to a time when she believes men were more romantic.


She masquerades as a woman of that time, but frequent use of the portal between timelines could cause the two eras to collide and trap her in a period she didn't choose.


Worse, a killer also knows of the passage and he is stalking Roz in both centuries.



My books are available as paperbacks or edigital downloads from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and other outlets.

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